Research, preparation and management of EU finded projects


JV Pro Consulting - we guarantee for your project!

Our Company will help you plan and execute application for EU financing your business

What we do and how

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We are specialist in providing consulting services and

development of projects for EU funds




Our competence

We have the knowledge on various funding programs and can advise you for the most suitable programme for your business – what is best for you.

The team

Our team consists highly qualified specialists with recognized prestige in the preparation and implementation of projects by EU funding.

The future

We constantly strive to develop our own skills, to extend the knowledge, to include in numerous trainings, seminars, information days, programs and projects.

Trust us and you will get proper support for the success of your projects, funding by structural EU funds and Cohesion Fund of the European Union. We will offer you flexible consulting conditions and training so you can be sure that:

  • your project proposals are really competitive;
  • your project documentation is in full compliance by the requirements of the certain program conditions;
  • you have the right partners;
  • you will get real benefits.

Successful studies of projects
Successful preparation of projects
Successful project management

Our portfolio includes over 35 successful projects under OP Competitiveness and

over 65 million leva funding