Research, preparation and management of EU finded projects

Research for funding

The most appropriate funding

Our team will consult you about most suitable EU funding programme for your business

Have an idea?

If you have a clear business idea, we will guide you to the appropriate grant scheme to obtain funds for its implementation.

Have No strategy?

When in doubt, we will help you state your business ideas so that they are applicable for EU financing.

How will we help

We can:

  • Determine which funding programs is suitable for your company and business;
  • Introduce you briefly the conditions of EU funding;
  • Explain all the features in the development of the project proposal. Together we will decide which will be the investments and services for funding;
  • Describe the steps you need to take to apply for EU funding;
  • Render assistance in providing additional funding from banks or other financial institution;
  • Assist you in selection of partners for your project.